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Our Clients

Today, our company with its highly skilled staff in importing and exporting goods have many customers. We also have a good connection with Customs people so that we can provide a good rate Importing many kind of items Door to Door from China, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, UK, Europe and USA for these products:

– Mobile phone accessories (Screen Guard, Casing, Power Bank, etc) from Guangzhou, Shanghai, HongKong and Korea
– Fashion and its accessories from Guangzhou, Bangkok and Korea
– Organic Fertilizer from Netherlands (Holland)
– Ceramic Probe System from Shanghai and London
– Liquid Gas (Dangerous Goods) from California, USA
– Gas Regulator from California, USA
– Paint Chemical from Vietnam
– Non liquid Cosmetics from Bangkok, Thailand
– LCD Projectors from Dallas, USA
– Speakers from Hongkong
– Instant Drink mix from Malaysia
– Roller Blades from Guangzhou
– Action Figure from Japan
– Etc.

We also do export many kind of items to all over the world like
– Luwak Coffee to Australia and Greece
– Boat miniature to Philippines
– Furnitures (Wooden chair and tables) to USA
– Etc.

We also handles Domestic Freight Forwarding To or From all over Indonesia.

We handle all shipments of all kinds of products:
– Rice
– Air Conditioners from Panasonic Gobel Indonesia
– Ceramics from Mulia Ceramic and Niro Granite
– Flour from Bogasari
– Fertilizer to Kalimantan
– Books from Personal and also from company
– Motorcycle from personal and also from company
– Furniture from local Jepara crafters
– Cars from Ford dealers and Hino dealers
– Golf Cars from PT. KBPersada
– Arcade Machine from Amazone Entertainment Family Center
– Etc.

Some of our clients are as follows.

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